May 24, 2004

Conception / Stanberry / Albany, MO Tornadoes

Chase Account by: Scott Blair

Chase Team: Scott Blair, Marcie Martin.

A significant outbreak of severe weather struck the midwest Monday, May 24th. We caught the beginnings of a long-lived tornadic cyclic supercell near Mound City, MO by mid afternoon. The storm was well organized with a rotating wall cloud. Several large rotating lowerings were observed as the storm crossed I-29. We continued to follow the supercell eastward as numerous mesos developed and quickly became rain wrapped.

We decided to bump just north of the rotation in hope to gain better contrast. Taking Hwy136, we succeeded in better contrast as the meso paced just south of the road. Rotation was very strong and our first observed tornado condensed down southeast of Conception at 4:57pm. The rope tornado quickly lifted and appeared to result in no damage. Following the meso eastward, another tornado touched down at 5:01pm about three miles east of Stanberry, MO. The tornado was a brief, high contrast rope and dissipated within a minute.

*** First tornado touches down southeast of Conception, MO at 4:57pm. Second tornado touches down three miles east of Stanberry, MO at 5:01pm. ***

We followed the meso which now contained very violent rotation. The next tornado developed at 5:06pm four miles east of Stanberry, MO. The tornado was multi-vortex in nature. We observed the tornado at a close proximity of fifty yards while 100mph wind gusts blasted the chase vehicle. The tornado maximum circulation was about 1/10 mile wide and sent debris into the air. The multi-vortex action was very violent as several fully condensed vortices whipped across the region.

*** Violent rotation associated with multi-vortex tornado as it developed at 5:06pm four miles east of Stanberry, MO. Numerous condensed vorticies destroyed trees. ***

After about fifteen minutes, the tornado moved into Albany, MO resulting in power flashes observed. This multi-vortex tornado was on the ground for nearly thirty minutes and dissipated just east of Albany, MO.

*** Long-lived tornado moves east into Albany, MO resulting in strong F2 damage. ***

We continued east and encountered periods of 2-2.5" hail. We dropped south slightly and observed a possible tornado along Hwy136 about ten miles ENE of Bethany, MO. Road options became difficult shortly after and we ended the day with more large hail. Classic chase day across Missouri.

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