27 March 2012
Lawrence, KS Thunderstorms

Photos 2012 Scott F. Blair

Sub-severe convection developed during the morning hours across northeast Kansas. I ventured out to snap a few photos across Lawrence, KS. The storms brought some photogenic opportunities with a tumultuous sky contrasted to the many vibrant colors of springtime. In this photo, skies darken in one of the northwest Lawrence neighborhoods.

A panorama of several photos combined overlooking the West Lawrence neighborhood as the multicell line approached town. Hail between 0.25" to 0.88" was common across areas to the west of Lawrence.

I was able to catch a few lightning stills, which is much more challenging during the daylight hours. In this photo, a cloud-to-cloud strike spreads throughout the sky overhead.

The storms passed Lawrence, KS before noon, leaving wet grounds and a near-perfect air temperature near 70 degrees. In this photo, a view of Kansas University from the Oread Hotel's 9th floor balcony. The Oread is a spectacular building with the best views in town.

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