June 3, 2003


Chase Account by: Scott Blair

Chase Team: Scott Blair, Eric Nguyen, Jeff Lawson

*** Hail was verified near Roy, NM. The largest stones measured 2.25". Awesome structure with strong rotation. ***

We started the day in Clayton, NM. We watched several storms attempt to organize before one convective tower caught our attention. We took Hwy56 to Abbott and moved south to Mills, NM. At Mills, it was quite clear that the storm was supercell in nature. Inflow winds near 45-50mph gusted under well-defined beaver tail. The updraft was violently rotating. We verified hail size near Roy, NM. The largest measured was 2.25" hail and the stones were coasted with clear. South of Roy, the supercell really got it's act together and started the transitional phase from Classic to LP.

*** Awesome LP supercell! The transitions of structure made this a truly remarkable chase. ***

At Mosquero, we witnessed the best structured supercell I've seen in New Mexico. This LP was breathtaking as it developed numerous striations, spinning across the open land. The climax of the cell lasted for a good 30 minutes before the LP slowly lost structural organization. The stills don't do this LP justice as the feeling of watching this extraordinary supercell was absolutely breathtaking.

*** Ending the day near Mosquero, NM. First LP viewed to the east with nice mammatus. Second LP shines golden with the setting sun. ***

We targeted another LP which turned golden red at sunset. This LP supercell was also quite impressive. We ended the day near Mosquero, NM watching the twilight fade with the silver outline and infrequent bolts from the dying LP. Standing outside, the stillness mixed with the excitement of such a beautiful day made for a wonderful ending.