April 21, 2004

Gore / Sallisaw, OK Long-Lived Supercell

Chase Account by: Scott Blair

Chase Team: Scott Blair, Mike Efferson.

We departed Monroe, LA at 10am targeting an area along an outflow boundary north of McAlester, OK. By 3:45pm, an explosive tower developed to the northeast of McAlester. We quickly jumped on the supercell west of Gore, OK along I-40. As the storm was placed under a tornado warning, a large and rapidly rotating wall cloud was observed along I-40 just east of Gore. A tornado appeared very imminent as rotation was intense. The storm eventually evolved from classic to HP as the cyclonic rotation shifted to a forward flank meso. We encountered large hail (2" diameter) throughout the day and ended the day with golfball sized hail in Alma, AR.
NOTE- More detailed descriptions to follow soon!

*** Classic supercell with well defined hail shaft (left) and developing wall cloud (right). ***

*** Large wall cloud with intense rotation east of Gore, OK. ***

*** Forward flank meso provides good rotation east of Sallisaw, OK. ***

*** Storm approaches the Alma, AR region followed by long period of golfball sized hail. ***

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