14 April 2012
Kansas Tornado Outbreak

Photos 2012 Scott F. Blair

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St. John/Hudson, KS Tornadoes
Kanopolis Lake, KS EF4 Tornado
Salina/Solomon, KS Tornado

The long-lived tornado was gradually becoming disrupted and eventually dissipated by the time I reached Lindsborg, KS near I-135. I contemplated ending the chase, but chose otherwise once the updraft came back into view southwest of Salina, KS. The lowered base ominously made a few attempts of a tornado as it passed over the Salina, but luckily waited to just east of the city limits. A new tornado developed two miles south of I-70 and was characterized by occasional dust whirls underneath a tightening condensation lowering. These nearly transparent vortices visually appeared relatively innocent until a large power flash emanated from one of the dusty whirls. Condensation associated with the tornado gradually improved in shape, with a cone tornado nearing I-70.

I decided to pull off on top of a hill for a better view just shy of the Niles Road exit at mile marker 260. As the multi-vortex tornadic circulation approached the interstate, it briefly lost much of its defining characteristics. As I was taking a quick photo, a strong vortex suddenly developed and lofted debris less than 500 ft south of my location. Inflow winds immediately strengthened to at least 90 mph, and I fled a tenth-mile back westward on the shoulder to exit the outer circulation. The tornado organized into several dancing dusty vortices as it crossed I-70 near my former location, just west of the Niles Road exit.

The tornado further organized north of I-70 with impressive multi-vortex action. The vortices were more frequently accompanied by full condensation as it entered Dickinson County.

The tornadic circulation evolved into a stovepipe tornado, and this structure lasted for nearly ten minutes. As sunset approached, a golden hue overspread much of the sky. I was exhausted from the intense chase day and elected not to pursue the storm north of I-70. While driving home, the tornado put on an impressive final show, roping out and stretching across the horizon.

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