14 April 2012
Kansas Tornado Outbreak

Photos 2012 Scott F. Blair

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St. John/Hudson, KS Tornadoes
Kanopolis Lake, KS EF4 Tornado
Salina/Solomon, KS Tornado

Convection was ongoing when I approached a tornado-warned supercell near Ellinwood, KS by mid-afternoon. I quickly moved into a good viewing position and observed my first tornado of the day west of St. John, KS. I wasn't able to acquire a good photo of the tornado as it was rain-wrapped from my vantage point. After a few minutes, the tornado either dissipated or disappeared in the rain.

I quickly repositioned to the northeast and prepared for the potential of another tornado. As luck would have it, a tornado developed within a mile of my location north of Hudson, KS. While the tornado was fully condensed for just a short period, a ground circulation persisted for nearly 5 minutes underneath a lowered bowl. The circulation crossed my road in a weakened state and dissipated shortly after. The parent storm also met a rapid demise and merged with a stronger supercell immediately to its southwest.

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